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How to play Tiger-Dragon live cards
Live Dragon Tiger Is another casino game Online casino That is most popular in Thailand It is well-known in our country. Is a game that uses 3 dice and shakes to see which result will come out. The name of the game sounds harsh, scary, no less, but I can say that it’s not as scary as you think.

How to play is not difficult than other games at all, plus the opportunity to win bets. Win percentage There are more than that. Tiger cards, which are often seen in the locality, are popular as a general band, so we bring it to a live online casino game for all members to play conveniently and play anywhere, anytime you want. !! Convenient as this. Try. How to know?

Dragon Tiger cards are not complicated and fast, very fun for people who like something new, not monotonous and brave enough to take risks. Let’s go to the temple
How to play the casino game Dragon Tiger (Dragon Tiger) with the steps below.

              1. You can choose to bet on which side to bet. There will be a high point between the Dragon (Tiger) and the Tiger (Tiger). By choosing which side to win, there will be time for you to select. Place 25 seconds and press confirm.
               2. Give away cards (face-up cards shown immediately), which will give 1 Dragon side and 1 Tiger side.
               3. See which points are drawn on which side will win. If which side has more card points Considered that side to be the winner
               4. In the case of the Dragon and Tiger side having equal points Will be considered tie or tie
               5. You can also bet on whether both sides of the Dragon (Tiger) and the side of the Tiger (Tiger) face will be an even or odd number and the face will be red or black.

UFABET99The counting of Dragon Tiger cards

              1. Face A cards have the lowest point value equal to 1 point
               2. The face of K cards has the highest score of 13 points.
               3. The face of the Q card has 12 points.
               4. The face of J cards has a point value of 11 points.
               5. Face of cards 2 – 10 cards with equal points Number of numbers according to the face of the card

The counting of Dragon Tiger cards dealt 1 card per side, drawing cards in each side for both the Player and Banker, including the rate of Dragon Tiger cards.

               1. If Dragon wins, pay 1 times the amount placed
               2. If Tiger wins, pay 1 times the amount placed
               3. If both sides have equal points, tie. Pay 8 times the amount bet.

The Dragon Tiger bet is a 2-sided bet.

Is the Dragon and the Tiger. There will be 1 staff member to deal only one card. Each card which is higher than that side wins. Just the higher point. Only very easy. The lower point is lost. Whoever goes higher than the grass at the top of the mountain is Win Win …

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